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Welcome in Hesperus Hotel

The Hesperus Hotel is the first modern and exclusive hotel in Międzyrzec Podlaski. This hotel-restaurant complex has been provided in response to the need of the local community. The Hesperus Hotel is complementary to the image of the town and its surroundings and it is expected to promote tourism and the prosperity of the region.

Its situation at 4 Radzyńska Street is covenient for those travelling on business or as tourists.....
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Jagiellonian Trail

Travel to the past 1386-1611: 
the footsteps of kings, merchants ... and artists

In 1386 the Grand Duke Jagiello of Lithuania, residing in Vilnius, he went on a trip to ...
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Posiadamy jeszcze ostatnie wolne terminy na wesela w 2016! Cena już od 120zł /osobę. Zarezerwuj już teraz: 607-730-970 / 83 410-72-71.